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Addictive Disorders Services

Addictive Disorders Services (ADS) is the branch of Florida Parishes Human Services Authority that provides treatment and prevention services for addictions related to alcohol, drugs, gambling, and tobacco.

Treatment of addictive disorders is very successful when it is consistent and intensive. Annually, our treatment programs in the Florida Parishes successfully treat hundreds of individuals dealing with problems associated with addiction and substance abuse. Treatment services are usually available within 48 hours of a telephone call to an outpatient clinic.

FPHSA offers highly effective, non-medical, intensive counseling services, some of which have become model programs in the field of addictions treatment. Willingness to receive help is required for these programs to succeed.

Group and family therapy are our primary forms of treatment, as these are widely accepted as the most effective forms of counseling for addiction and substance abuse.  It is critical to empathically address individual needs with structure and without delay.  Counseling provided in small groups accommodates those seeking help in a timely manner.  Our outpatient clinics provide the bulk of treatment in 4 stages specifically designed to address the dynamic individual needs of lasting sobriety.  All treatment is carefully assessed initially in outpatient clinics with most individuals treated exclusively in this setting.  The course of treatment is reduced from daily to twice weekly after approximately 2 months and to weekly in succeeding weeks. All participants are involved in 12-step recovery programs operating outside of FPHSA clinics. Treatment duration for most is 7-9 months.

Occasionally, outpatient referrals are made to our inpatient programs (the Alcohol Drug Unit and Fontainebleau Treatment Center) where individuals may reside for a brief duration.  Inpatient services are accessed through the outpatient clinics only.